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SAN JOSE, Calif., September 1, 2006 -- GES, Inc. announced today that it has signed an annual service contract with another Silicon Valley based semiconductor processing equipment supplier. In the contract, GES agrees to provide a team of field service engineers from Viet Nam to support the installation and start up of 300 mm thermal process equipment sales in Asia. The engineers will be trained and certified by the equipment supplier. This contract marks the second major sales win for GES Inc. within 4 from its inception. It is a strong indication that the equipment field service outsourcing is becoming an obvious solution for OEM to improve the profitability of the aftermarket business.

I have worked with GES on several high visibility projects. Their attention to detail, consistent professionalism and willingness to support our efforts makes our business relationship a good partnership. I look forward to working with GES on future projects.

- Richard Garcia,
   Product Manager, 200mm Applications
   Crossing Automation Inc.
We have been successfully working with GES since 2009 on a very critical outsourcing project for a major customer. GES engineers have proven to be of high quality and reliable contributing to the success of the project

- Bob DiCrosta,
   VP of Global Customer Support
   Rudolph Technologies, Inc.
We select GES as our turnkey equipment refurbishment service provider because of our long standing positive experience with their engineering service quality, their equipment manufacturing capabilities in Viet Nam; and especially, their focused attention to protect the intellectual property of customers

- Kenny Sunohara,
   VP & General Manager, Field Solutions Business Unit
   Tokyo Electron Limited (TEL)