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SAN JOSE, Calif., October 2, 2006 --GES, Inc. announced today that its CEO - Don Tran is invited to attend the 2006 APEC (Asia Pacific Economic Conference) CEO Summit which will be held in the capital of one of the fastest growing economies in the world, Hanoi, Vietnam, from the 17th to the 19th of November. Mr. Tran will take part in the historic first-of-its-kind delegation where leaders in the Vietnamese American entrepreneurial high-tech community will engage international leaders at a high-profile global event. “ … The annual APEC CEO Summit is the most important meeting of economic and business leaders whose decisions shape the future of the Asia Pacific and beyond.

The Summit has become a symbol of APEC's public and private sector cooperation being a unique meeting of minds of economic leaders and distinguished figures from business and civil society and has greatly contributed to the development of APEC's goal of moving towards a common prosperity.

Incepted in 1996 as an opportunity for CEO's to participate in the APEC Leader's meeting, the Summit has grown in stature to become one of the most prestigious annual events of the region providing opportunities for business leaders in the Asia Pacific region to hear presentations from and to engage in discussions with APEC economic leaders, policy makers, academia and other CEO's on the most critical economic and business issues facing the region ...”

I have worked with GES on several high visibility projects. Their attention to detail, consistent professionalism and willingness to support our efforts makes our business relationship a good partnership. I look forward to working with GES on future projects.

- Richard Garcia,
   Product Manager, 200mm Applications
   Crossing Automation Inc.
We have been successfully working with GES since 2009 on a very critical outsourcing project for a major customer. GES engineers have proven to be of high quality and reliable contributing to the success of the project

- Bob DiCrosta,
   VP of Global Customer Support
   Rudolph Technologies, Inc.
We select GES as our turnkey equipment refurbishment service provider because of our long standing positive experience with their engineering service quality, their equipment manufacturing capabilities in Viet Nam; and especially, their focused attention to protect the intellectual property of customers

- Kenny Sunohara,
   VP & General Manager, Field Solutions Business Unit
   Tokyo Electron Limited (TEL)