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Fremont, Calif. – November 15, 2011 Crossing Automation, Inc. (www.crossinginc.com), a leading designer and manufacturer of fab and tool automation products used by today's foremost semiconductor device and equipment companies, todayannounced its first licensing agreement for the sale, service and support of legacy products. Under the terms of the agreement, Global Equipment Services (GES),a high tech equipment turnkey service company serving OEMs in the global semiconductor, flat panel display and solar cell production equipment industries, will market the Axys407 Model 21 Robot family.

“Crossing is committed to supportingour customers across all product lines,” said Randy Clegg, vice president, global customer operationsfor Crossing Automation.“By transferring licensing of our legacy products to a qualified vendor such as GES, we eliminate obsolescence issues for repair and new builds and ensure our customers can continue to useolder tools without delay in repair or support. In turn, we can focus more engineering resources on the development of new, next-generation products.”

The agreement will allow GES to market and sell the Axys407 robots, provide global field and manufacturing service for new orders and provide a sustained engineering service including re-design, upgrades and modifications of the product. GES will establish a returned materials authorization center for Crossing Automation products in Vietnam and technical resource centersinIndia and San Jose, CAto support Crossing Automation’s customers.

“As a leading provider of turnkey services to the industry, our role is to provide the best quality service to Crossing Automation’s global installed base,” said Don Tran, CEO of GES. “Already engaged with other leading OEMs, we bring the experience, capabilities and infrastructure to successfully manage the business operations for the Axys407 product line and ensure customer satisfaction.”

The Axys407 Robot family is designed specifically for substrate-moving applications thatdemand a high degree of cleanliness, accuracy and reliabilityand easily integrates withother computer-controlled substrate-handling equipment. The Axys407 robots are 3-axis cylindrical-coordinate devices with an optional 4th axis at the servo wristjoint. The robot includes a self-contained servo controller that provides a high-levelcommand interface protocol to the host. The robots can be configured with specific arm lengths, Z-travel, body orientation (upright orinverted) and harsh environment capability. The robot is provided with choices of vertical liftrange, arm reach and end-effector style. Installed worldwide, they have been used in production since 2002 with more than 1,200 units in the field

About Crossing Automation

Crossing Automation is a leading designer and manufacturer of fab and tool automation equipment, recognized for solving the critical issues facing today's semiconductor device and equipment companies. The company increases fab productivity and reduces equipment costs by consistently delivering fast, reliable 200mm, 300mm and 450mm wafer and carrier handling products, supported by sophisticated control software. Crossing's diverse family of atmospheric and vacuum modules includes loadports, EFEMs, sorters, vacuum transfer chambers, FOUP buffers, RFID systems, and carrier tracking software. These solutions are available in multiple configurations to address the customer's desire for maximum flexibility. For more information, visit www.crossinginc.com.

About Global Equipment Services

GES provides global leverage for successful high tech equipment companies through outsourced design engineering, contract manufacturing, field service and training. With GES, you can focus your resources on your core strengths and let us supplement your team so you can accomplish more, on-time and on-budget.High tech equipment OEMs in the Semiconductor, Solar, FPD and LED equipment markets are benefitting with GES, providing higher levels of customer service in global markets, decreasing time-to-market and controlling costs. Combining our equipment engineering expertise from the USA and Japan with low cost engineering and manufacturing in Viet Nam and India, GES delivers services which are of the highest quality, extremely cost effective, fast and ensure complete IP security. For more information, please visit www.geservs.com.

Crossing Automation Contact

May Su
Vice President, Marketing
Crossing Automation
510 661 5009

Agency Contact

Amy Smith
Impress Labs
401 369 9266

GES Contact

Gale Lu
VP, Business Development
Global Equipment Services
408 441 0682

I have worked with GES on several high visibility projects. Their attention to detail, consistent professionalism and willingness to support our efforts makes our business relationship a good partnership. I look forward to working with GES on future projects.

- Richard Garcia,
   Product Manager, 200mm Applications
   Crossing Automation Inc.
We have been successfully working with GES since 2009 on a very critical outsourcing project for a major customer. GES engineers have proven to be of high quality and reliable contributing to the success of the project

- Bob DiCrosta,
   VP of Global Customer Support
   Rudolph Technologies, Inc.
We select GES as our turnkey equipment refurbishment service provider because of our long standing positive experience with their engineering service quality, their equipment manufacturing capabilities in Viet Nam; and especially, their focused attention to protect the intellectual property of customers

- Kenny Sunohara,
   VP & General Manager, Field Solutions Business Unit
   Tokyo Electron Limited (TEL)