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San Jose, California | January 26th, 2017

Global Equipment Services & Manufacturing, Inc. (GES), headquartered in San Jose, California has made an investment in JOT Automation Ltd. (JOT), entitling it to significant ownership of the company. This initial investment in JOT represents part of GES ’s strategic plan to expand its equipment automation engineering capabilities and global foot print.

As a part of the ownership arrangement, GES and JOT have agreed to a strategic partnership, where both companies will collaborate on new product designs. GES becomes the scaling manufacturing and equipment services partner for design solutions created by JOT.

“The pairing of GES and JOT will create a unique and comprehensive capability in delivering technology solutions, mass manufacturing and global customer service for the production of automated equipment to the semiconductor manufacturing and electronic production automation industry,” said Don Tran, GES Chairman & CEO “Both companies’ shared commitment to collaboration and building lasting value to customers, along with our respective track records of delivering world class quality products and customer service, position us as a world leader to deliver unmatched capabilities and speed to solutions that are critical to our customers’ long-term success.”

“This is the start of JOT Automation operating in a new way. Some of the largest technology companies in the world have become our customers, our ownership base has been expanded, and we have managed to make our business operations scalable with the help of our new strategic partner,” says Lauri Antila, JOT Automation Ltd.’s Chair of the Board. “Our aim is to develop JOT Automation into a leading player in the growing electronics production automation and testing market.”

About GES, Inc.
GES, headquartered in San Jose, California specializes in production processing and test equipment design, volume manufacturing and global services for the semiconductor and electronics product manufacturing industry. GES has significant business operations in China, India, Japan, United States and Vietnam.

About JOT Automation Ltd.
JOT, headquartered in Oulu, Finland, is a pioneer and leader in automation and testing solutions for electronics production. JOT has business operations in Estonia, China, Finland, Italy, Hungary and the United States.

GES Inc.

James McCormick, CFO
+1 650 954 9000

JOT Automation Ltd.

Lauri Antila, Chairman
+358 4052 22333

I have worked with GES on several high visibility projects. Their attention to detail, consistent professionalism and willingness to support our efforts makes our business relationship a good partnership. I look forward to working with GES on future projects.

- Richard Garcia,
   Product Manager, 200mm Applications
   Crossing Automation Inc.
We have been successfully working with GES since 2009 on a very critical outsourcing project for a major customer. GES engineers have proven to be of high quality and reliable contributing to the success of the project

- Bob DiCrosta,
   VP of Global Customer Support
   Rudolph Technologies, Inc.
We select GES as our turnkey equipment refurbishment service provider because of our long standing positive experience with their engineering service quality, their equipment manufacturing capabilities in Viet Nam; and especially, their focused attention to protect the intellectual property of customers

- Kenny Sunohara,
   VP & General Manager, Field Solutions Business Unit
   Tokyo Electron Limited (TEL)