Our Services Contract Manufacturing

GES provides high-quality and cost-effective EMS capabilities for high-mix. low-volume technology OEMs GES combines critical design engineering expertise with exceptional manufacturing processes to enable equipment OEMs to reduce costs, improve quality and meet schedules.

Utilizing our engineering and operational resources in USA, we can quickly and effectively develop a pilot production program which will:

  • Ensure the documentation is complete
  • Bill of materials and supply chain are in place
  • Procedures are complete and understood
  • Quality and testing processes are acceptable

Once the verification builds pass all standards, we then transfer manufacturing to our production facility in Viet Nam, where we can provide lower total costs.

GES Contract Manufacturing Services provides you with:

  • Operational Excellence
  • Global sourcing
  • Asia supply chain development
  • Transportation management

World-Class Supply Chain Management

  • Lean manufacturing principles
  • Complex assembly
  • Functional testing
  • Complete and well documented procedures

Lower Product Costs

  • Low cost region manufacturing and global sourcing saves costs
  • GES fixed COGS vs. your variable internal COGS

Global Program Management

Combine our design engineering expertise with contract manufacturing for even greater savings and more effective product management. Let GES handle your redesign projects, product enhancements and upgrade programs. Our experts will work with you to ensure programs are handled rapidly, efficiently and effectively. Utilize your internal resources on new product development programs and let GES help monetize your installed base.

  • Ensures successful transfer of production from your manufacturing site to ours with proven methodology.


Quality Integration through Outsourcing Methodology



Program Can Take 2 to 4 Months Depending on Scale