Our Services Design Engineering

GES provides high-quality and cost-effective design engineering capabilities to supplement your core team's efforts and allow you to accomplish more without adding more internal resources. Core Engineering Competencies:

  • Electro-mechanical design
  • Drafting and documentation
  • Software for automation, machine vision, GUI and embedded systems
Design Tool Capabilities:
Electro Mechanical Design
  • Solid Edge, Solid Works
  • Auto CAD, Inventor V10
  • Pro E, Pro-Mechanical
Software Language
  • C/C++, C#, Objective C
  • PLC Ladder, Microcontroller
  • Assembly, DSP, PHP, ASP, .NET
  • VB, JAVA

Equipment Design Expertise:

  • Complete system automation for manufacturing equipment
  • Vacuum, CVD, Etch, Wet process equipment
  • Customized Substrate handling modules/platform (semiconductor wafer, LCD, solar panel, etc)
  • Precision mechanisms and complex motion control
  • AC/DC Power system
  • Chemical System: Fluid, and Gas Delivery System
  • Controller and PCB
  • Material bonding
  • Reverse engineering on complete electromechanical system
  • Redesign and upgrade for improved productivity, cost reduction and reliability.

Software Engineering Expertise
With the recent acquisition of Infotek in India, GES has greatly enhanced our software capabilities to serve our customers. GES Infotek (as the new division will be known), located in Trivandrum, India, brings extensive experience in the Semiconductor, Solar and FPD Industrial Automation domains with a base of over 400 man years of experience covering all leading programming languages. In addition to industrial automation, GES Infotek brings experience with computer vision and image processing, embedded systems, robotics, digital consumer and media solutions and human-machine interface (HMI).

Industrial Automation Projects – Semiconductor, Solar and FPD markets

  • HMI & GUI Systems.
  • FPD System.
  • Virtual Machine.
  • Automatic Inspection System.
  • WP-300 Wafer Packing System.
  • Wafer Sorter System.
  • UV System.
  • Die Bonder System.

Computer Vision & Image Processing

  • Embedded Solutions
  • PLC Systems