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Welcome to GES Infotek

GES Infotek located in India is a wholly owned subsidiary company of GES and provides Equipment Control Software, Software Applications, Software Engineering Services and Image Processing solutions. GES Infotek has been more than five years in operation.

What we do ?

GES Infotek offers engineering software products, services and solutions to the customers across the globe. Infotek focuses on the following areas.

Engineering Application Software

Engineering Application Software
GES Infotek has done multiple software projects from around the globe in this area. We do the following:
Legacy Software Re-engineering
GES Infotek offers excellent solutions to transorm legacy software into modern state of the art software
Software Testing and Automation
GES Infotek offers outsourced sottware testing services including value added services like test automation
Software Maintenance
Helps customer to focus on new product development while we take care of the maintenace of legacy systems GES Infotek offers outsourced sottware maintenance services based on service level agreement with the customer
Semiconductor and Industrial Automation Software
GES Infotek has rich experience working with more than 20+ Equipments and has gathered over 500+ Man Months experience working with global SEMI equipment makers
Control Systems, UI
We have learned from our experience working with customers about their need of Speedy development, Rapid prototyping and flexibility. GES Infotek offers Industry specific frameworks for GUI and Control Software – GES UI Framework and GES Equipment Control Framework suitable to meet your Time To market, Cost and Quality guidelines
Host Communication Software
GES Infotek offers integration services that enables equipments with SECS/GEM feature to communicate to the Fabs
Software Products Avaialble for sale
SECS/GEM Library (FabSip) for basic GEM, 200 and 300mm Fabs. Host/Equipment simulator tool (FabEasy) for equipment testing and simulation
Image Processing Center of Excellence
GES Infotek focuses on the following areas:
Develop Innovative image processing solutions to solve business problems Reducing equipment cost (Hardware Cost, Optical System cost, Mechanical cost) using innovative Image processing solutions Shift total equipment complexity from Equipment hardware to Equipment software by introducing implementation techniques involving Image processing Re-use of image processing building blocks for faster time-to-market
Image restoration
Particle filtering
Background and flatfield correction
Image contrast stretching
Interactive and automatic labeling
Image focus metric analysis
Fourier descriptors, Curve fitting
2D pattern matching in 1D domain
Coordinate transformation
Histogram based color segmentation
Stochastic approaches for wafer inspection
GES Infotek offers Anroid and Iphone based application software development.
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