Some Past GES Engineering Projects
  • Wafer surface inspection system.
  • Touch panel LTO film surface inspection system.
  • Digital camera lens inspection system.
  • Tool Degradation Forecasting and Diagnostic system.
  • Cleaning prediction system for plasma process chamber.
  • GEM communication library Wafer packing tool.
  • WP300Ink jet color filter coater for G8 & G10 transfer robot for G6 etcher (vacuum).
  • Cassette transfer robot for G8 and G10 (Under atmosphere).
  • Substrate bonding tool for Dye Sensitized Solar Cell (Under vacuum).
  • Software for Organic Electro-Luminescent CVD system.
  • Software for TI device.
  • Wafer vacuum bonding tool.
  • SMIF loader special for Nikon stepper.
  • Atmospheric plasma system.
  • Helical Resonator Strip tool Wafer transfer system for ICE200 etcher.
  • DNA chip injection divider.
  • Microphone assembly tool.
  • Camera robot for NHK.
  • Vacuum oven.
Industrial Automation Projects — Semiconductor, Solar and FPD markets
  • HMI & GUI Systems.
  • FPD System.
  • Virtual Machine.
  • Automatic Inspection System.
  • WP-300 Wafer Packing System.
  • Wafer Sorter System.
  • UV System.
  • Die Bonder System.
PV Solar Cell Processing Tray Project
  • Background: Redesign tray for mechanical and electrical reliability.
  • Engineering disciplines: mechanical, material bonding and chemical/wet process DOE.
  • Design, Prototype to Pre production — 3 months. Volume: +6000 units/year.
Wafer Cassette Offset Arm Design
  • Background: Re design of existing mechanical arm for new production applications.
  • Completion of concept, detailed design, fabrication, integration, test and delivery within 3 weeks.
  • GES also retains manufacturing right while transfer product right to customer.
  • 100 units annual.
FPD Stage Controller Design
  • Background: New Product. Controller Cabinet for high precision 3 axis stage module for GEN 8 FPD Inspection tool.
  • GES was the contracted designer, manufacturing NPI and supplier.
  • Volume: 70 units per year
I have worked with GES on several high visibility projects. Their attention to detail, consistent professionalism and willingness to support our efforts makes our business relationship a good partnership. I look forward to working with GES on future projects.

- Richard Garcia,
   Product Manager, 200mm Applications
   Crossing Automation Inc.
We have been successfully working with GES since 2009 on a very critical outsourcing project for a major customer. GES engineers have proven to be of high quality and reliable contributing to the success of the project

- Bob DiCrosta,
   VP of Global Customer Support
   Rudolph Technologies, Inc.
We select GES as our turnkey equipment refurbishment service provider because of our long standing positive experience with their engineering service quality, their equipment manufacturing capabilities in Viet Nam; and especially, their focused attention to protect the intellectual property of customers

- Kenny Sunohara,
   VP & General Manager, Field Solutions Business Unit
   Tokyo Electron Limited (TEL)