Some Past GES Engineering Projects
  • Wafer surface inspection system.
  • Touch panel LTO film surface inspection system.
  • Digital camera lens inspection system.
  • Tool Degradation Forecasting and Diagnostic system.
  • Cleaning prediction system for plasma process chamber.
  • GEM communication library Wafer packing tool.
  • WP300Ink jet color filter coater for G8 & G10 transfer robot for G6 etcher (vacuum).
  • Cassette transfer robot for G8 and G10 (Under atmosphere).
  • Substrate bonding tool for Dye Sensitized Solar Cell (Under vacuum).
  • Software for Organic Electro-Luminescent CVD system.
  • Software for TI device.
  • Wafer vacuum bonding tool.
  • SMIF loader special for Nikon stepper.
  • Atmospheric plasma system.
  • Helical Resonator Strip tool Wafer transfer system for ICE200 etcher.
  • DNA chip injection divider.
  • Microphone assembly tool.
  • Camera robot for NHK.
  • Vacuum oven.
Industrial Automation Projects — Semiconductor, Solar and FPD markets
  • HMI & GUI Systems.
  • FPD System.
  • Virtual Machine.
  • Automatic Inspection System.
  • WP-300 Wafer Packing System.
  • Wafer Sorter System.
  • UV System.
  • Die Bonder System.
PV Solar Cell Processing Tray Project
  • Background: Redesign tray for mechanical and electrical reliability.
  • Engineering disciplines: mechanical, material bonding and chemical/wet process DOE.
  • Design, Prototype to Pre production — 3 months. Volume: +6000 units/year.
Wafer Cassette Offset Arm Design
  • Background: Re design of existing mechanical arm for new production applications.
  • Completion of concept, detailed design, fabrication, integration, test and delivery within 3 weeks.
  • GES also retains manufacturing right while transfer product right to customer.
  • 100 units annual.
FPD Stage Controller Design
  • Background: New Product. Controller Cabinet for high precision 3 axis stage module for GEN 8 FPD Inspection tool.
  • GES was the contracted designer, manufacturing NPI and supplier.
  • Volume: 70 units per year