GES custom design and manufacture automated assembly line solutions for smart consumer electronics, medical devices manufacturer, automotive, and industrial.


  • Standardized or custom design
  • Precision actuator and robotic arm integration for maximum performance, flexibility, precision, accuracy, and repeatability
  • Custom in-house developed end-effector or third-party end-effector integration
  • Vision system integration with in-house developed AI-enabled ZeptoVision or third-party vision systems integration
  • Capability to integrate testing and inspection to verify the part meets all specifications
  • Clean-Room and special IP-rating requirements
  • Hardware configurable to accommodate scalability and expansion
  • Software configurable with standalone HMI or integrated into the contract manufacturer (CM) production control systems
  • Turnkey solution installed on your contract manufacturer (CM) site
  • Mass-produce, efficient, and cost-effective production capabilities at our own facilities in Asia
  • Global on-site support available