The GES Objective Lens Tester gives you the precision and confidence to know that scopes sent to market work as intended. With the ability to quickly and precisely measure lenses as small as 1mm x 1mm x 2mm, this platform is perfect for the critically precise applications of the medical world.
Lens Stack Testing (Objective Lens Tester)

These machines can be configured with automation to test up to 800 units per hour with a footprint of just 1m x 1m. A highly stable laser light source with an active feedback loop measures precise field of view transmission. Measuring an impressive list of key variables, this test configuration allows you to be confident in the function and performance of any lens stack that passes inspection.



  • High quality, professional, and customized solution design
  • Handles small lens arrays down to 1mm x 1mm x 2mm
  • Precision measurement of optical attributes to 1µm
  • Alignment of mechanical attributes to within 2µm
  • Highly stable laser power with active feedback loop
  • A variety of spectral bands available
  • Measures BFL - back focal length down to 6µm
  • Measures EFL - effective focal length
  • Image quality considered using LSF and PSF with accuracy to within 2% MTF
  • Image quality field of view measurement to 190 degrees
  • Measures deviation from linear projection to 5 arcsec.
  • Image spot size measurement
  • Brightness Transmittance measurement within 2%
  • Can be configured to measure objective, eyepiece or camera lenses.


Our team of optics engineers located in Silicon Valley provide fast response and prototyping to ensure that your exact specifications are met. That, combined with expert production manufacturing in Vietnam ensures you will receive instruments that meet your testing needs quickly, and at very competitive prices.

GES Lens Stack Testing devices have been trusted to test millions of lenses that people rely on everyday. If you’d like to leverage our expertise to enhance your medical scope manufacturing shoot us a quick email and we’ll be in touch shortly.

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