GES provides custom turnkey solutions for the testing and validation of consumer electronic, semiconductor, and medical device products from prototyping to mass production. Our engineering team has extensive experience working with some of the biggest brands in the world to develop and build customized testing solutions in optics, image analysis, electrical design, and micro-alignment.
Functional Testing

GES combines our engineering design capabilities in the functional testing realm with ability to scale from prototype through full production. GES manufacturing locations mean we can deliver your custom testing solution with the scale and support you need in the world’s most in-demand manufacturing geographies.



  • Optical performance (effective focal length, flange focal length, transmission, refractive index, distortion)
  • Optical image stabilizer (sensor shift)
  • Diffractive optical element measurement
  • Optical diffuser measurement
  • Force/Torque (button, press, stiction)
  • Resistance
  • Display
  • Haptics (vibration, acoustic, etc)
  • Camera testing (MTF, Blemish)
  • Time of flight
  • Leakage/Waterproof testing (Air leak, Water Leak, and Optical Leak)
  • Battery leakage testing
  • AR/VR testing


Our unique combination of engineering talent relating to optics, image analysis, and material handling allows us to solve your most challenging functional testing requirements. Combining that engineering prowess with our low-cost, high-volume manufacturing in Vietnam and China, makes GES the perfect partner to help you improve your product quality.

If you’d like to leverage GES’s functional testing capabilities to streamline your manufacturing and quality assurance/quality control processes, shoot us a quick email and we’ll be in touch shortly.

GES Inc. Headquarters

5215 Hellyer Avenue, Suite 130
San Jose, CA 95138, USA



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