Final inspection continues to be one of the most daunting tasks in new product development. Automation becomes very attractive with regards to eliminating inconsistencies related to operator perspective. Optical measurement solutions offer a no-touch solution that is fast and reliable. GES Automation custom designs and manufactures automated AI-enabled inspection solutions for a full range of smart consumer devices. Attributes under test including dimensional measurements, scratches, blemishes, alignment, surface consistency, color and functionality can all be left to AI and an automated end of line tester.
Automated product inspection using Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Dimensional Measurements

Optical sensors offer a nondestructive solution for dimensional measurements.

  • Gap and offset
  • High speed 2D
  • Highspeed 3D
  • Flatness
  • Thickness
  • Surface roughness

Cosmetic Defects

  • Final Assembly mobile phone inspection
  • Machine Learning for defect inspection
  • Color and gloss
  • Camera sensor soldering defects
  • Wafer defect detection
  • Medical packaging
  • Solder ball height
  • Glue overflow

Display and cover glass

  • OLED panel flatness
  • OLED waviness
  • Interferometric Tester
  • Display pixel uniformity

Lens design and inspection

  • Mobile phone camera MTF
  • Angular light for lens design and calibration
  • Camera blemish
  • Lens assembly inspection

Automated mobile phone inspector

  • Fully automated defect & cosmetic detection using AI
  • Extremely fast process time
  • Capabilities range from dimensional accuracy, flatness/waviness, display/glass defect, display lamination quality, chip/scratch, color and gloss, blemish, foreign object, alignment, panel gap, soldering defect, and other custom requirements
  • Automated test configurable for failure analysis, product improvement, or 100% inspection
  • Hardware configurable to accommodate smart consumer devices with varying dimensions and configurations
  • Intelligence DUT locator
  • Software configurable with standalone HMI or integrated into the contract manufacturer (CM) data acquisition systems
  • Turnkey solution installed at CM site
  • Global on-site support available


Our unique combination of engineering talent relating to optics, image analysis, and material handling allow us the skills to solve the most complex defect detection projects. Combining that engineering prowess with our low-cost, high-volume manufacturing in Vietnam and China, makes GES the perfect partner to help you improve your product quality.

If you’d like to leverage GES’s inspection technology to streamline your manufacturing and quality assurance/quality control processes, send us an email and we’ll be in touch shortly.

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