ZeptoVision is a computer vision product that allows users to develop solutions using a built-in framework. ZeptoVision is primarily targeted at test automation with focus on manufacturing industries including EMS, automotive, smart consumer electronics and pharmaceuticals. ZeptoVision also integrates machine learning (ML) and deep learning (DL) for defect detection and classification.

ZeptoVision performs detection, recognition and measurement of various parameters with built-in computer vision functions for pattern matching, edge detection, alignment, colour inspection and optical character recognition (OCR). ZeptoVision has pre-processing tools to improve image quality and object visibility for improved analysis results.

Practitioners and integrators can use ZeptoVision with real time data from vision sensors or other image sources including stored images.


We use our knowledge and experience in optics, hardware and image processing software to bring you an innovative product.

ZeptoVision is a part of many inspection systems and automation systems with its unique blend of cutting edge machine learning and traditional image processing functionalities.

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Component Presence Inspection


Edge Cutting Inspection




Pin Inspection


Color Inspection

ZeptoVision machine learning is used in creating advanced inspection systems for manufacturing applications.

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